Week 4

Week 4 – a lot of breakthroughs I think…

I’ve decided that education is what I want…I just need to re-fall in love with it. Hard thing to do maybe. I need to get reading my books! I’ve also set up Twitter again properly. Made a start by following the recommendations on the Literacy Shed Blog. My Twitter is @EdOpinion.

I’ve also decided to get on with things properly. I started a Journal – it’s an amazing journal from Best Self. They cost a bit, but they’re simple, positive and focussed. I love it. I will definitely be using it to focus myself. As I say – love it.

One of the things which I’ve really tried to do in my time off, is to exercise more (as HT there were times I parked next to school, got to my office and stayed there all day. This meant less than 2000 steps in the day!). I’ve also tried to cook more. I even bought a slow cooker. Cooking and walking is good. I’ve even borrowed a wallpaper stripper. I hate decorating!

This blog has changed – now feels more and more an education blog…and updated more than the planned weekly…I should change the titles and introductions, but then this sentence wouldn’t make sense!

Things often quickly get in the way of everything. I need to be more focussed. I am being more focussed. I have been through every email I’ve had in the last month of job adverts. I’ve compiled a list of the jobs I’m interested in. These range from AHT up to HT. I’ve even applied for a SIP role! I guess that’s a bit of a punt, but you’ve got to be in it to win it! It’s now time to follow the other ones up. Only ten years ago you’d do this with a stack of envelopes and stamps – now websites and emails. A lot less romantic really and I think less manageable. I might have to print everything out and have a file…got to love a file.

I’ve also begun to look at other CPD – I’ve recently completed some Apple Teacher units, becoming a recognised Apple Teacher. I’ve registered and started on the Microsoft Educator route too…just need to do that.

I guess the key thing for me to think about is in the Headship I now feel like I burnt myself out. I think that is possibly the easiest explanation. I need to be careful that this wouldn’t happen again. What would I do to stop this happening? I need to give this some thought…

Whatever next?



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