To teach or not to teach…

Breaking it down…do I want to stay in Education? After I find the answer to that I’ll begin to look at what role I would like to do…

SO – and I’d like to hear your thoughts too, on the Contact link…

Five reasons to leave education:

  1. Work life balance
  2. Workload – it is massive! I read someone’s blog last night, Mrs P, and she showed her marking box which is fantastic…but also quite horrifying! (Actually, I really love the marking box and used to quite enjoy marking!)
  3. Assessment and curriculum – I think this was my original final straw if I’m honest
  4. Politics. Agendas. Leave educational professionals alone to do their job! Separate the Department for Education away from politics. When the next government gets in  everything changes again…no wonder nothing has time to work and embed. But this government (and the last one in the coalition) have been particularly bad.
  5. The forgetful attitude of those high up that we are dealing with children. They have completely forgotten that we are dealing with children. THEY ARE NOT NUMBERS! This should never be forgotten. (I’m off on a rant now…) A child does not make ‘expected’ progress. There is no such thing. A child has challenges and problems in their life. A death of a member of family. A falling out with friends. Bullying (sadly). Illness. Moving house. The list is endless. All of this stops a child from making linear progress…this should never be forgotten.


Five reasons to stay in education:

Let me say, that in this list, I am categorically staying away from ‘Holidays’ and ‘Money’. I always find it vulgar when people say that is why they are in Education. Education is about service. Vocation. Helping others. If it ever, even once, comes down to money or holidays you should leave (in my opinion).

  1. Helping children learn, reach their potential and excel towards their future goals
  2. Working with children
  3. Working with like-minded staff who are there to do the best for children – you get a certain camaraderie working alongside people
  4. Rewarding. It isn’t a 9-5 job, go home and forget about it…but it is so rewarding. It’s worth working all night to see little Nofil say his first English sentence and for it to make sense, for Kevin to grasp that concept, for Jessika to build in confidence.
  5. It’s what I am. When people ask what I am, I always very proudly reply…I’m a teacher.

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