Love Education

I once said that this was not an Education blog…turns out that it is going to become an Education Blog…the reason why? Because it is Education which I am passionate about Education. I loved it. Truly. But as (I think) I have said, I think I’ve fallen out of love with education.

I want to stay in Education.

I want to re-find the love of education.

I have bought several books – I just need to read them now!

Education is an amazing thing. I am privileged to have been a part of it. I need to find “me”. And where I belong in Education. I need to get back in it. I need to be more thoughtful about what I think in education and what we can do to fix it.

The amount of people who have been in touch since I left is astronomical. Friends and strangers. My parents have told people what I have done, as has my wife. Almost all people have had the same / similar response. Non-surprise. Those in education have been similarly envious. Curious about what I was doing. How I was doing it. How it was. Envious about the career break. Saying they needed it too. Sound disenchanted with education. Not sure what is going on. Saying things are bad. I sometimes wonder how many people this actually is impacting on. I don’t want to get political. Surely something needs to change?

I did meet an Education Minister from a different country – I think it was Thailand (but I can’t remember at the moment) – and it that country the government have nothing to do with Education…just the way it should be!

Perhaps at the end I’ll find that education has just changed so much and not taken me with it, who knows?

Whatever next?

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