Week 3

The job interview took a lot of time. Not the actual thing, that was just a day. But the whole process. Job interview was on Wednesday. Woke up Monday and panicked. And thought about it. Panicked more. Worried. Toilet. Panic. Toilet. Nervous. Panic. Sweat. Toilet. And so on…

Didn’t fancy a repeat on Tuesday so I decided to update my portfolio. This took all day. It is beautiful (actually forgot to take it to the interview – what a numpty, didn’t deserve the job!!). But what a portfolio should be in my opinion. A list of each piece of evidence and how it relates to the job description. I liked it! See below…


There were 18 sections. I won’t bore you. But that was Tuesday.

Wednesday job interview.

Thursday was recovery. Nice time though. Walked to pub. Drinking favourite beer at a time I wouldn’t normally be home – happy me! 🙂

The weekend was spent enjoying life.

I’ve always said that this wouldn’t be an education blog…but I fear it may be changing…on Monday it hit me in the face whilst brushing my teeth – BAM! My whole issue. The whole issue of a lot of people I think…I’d fallen out of love with Education. Fallen out of love with Teaching. With learning. With the politics. I’d become disenchanted with the whole thing. I need to fall back in love with Education!! For now I will try and keep it separate…I’ll do a separate post on it.

I did see this on the WWW.Can’t take credit for it or remember where I got it from. If you are ever in doubt about what you are doing…


Whatever next?


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