Week 3 – job update!!

So – the job interview was today. Should have been tomorrow too but I didn’t get through. It was a Deputy Headship in a school not too far away from where I live…one word sums it up I think. Horrific.

Whole thing was unseen tasks. All fairly standard. Some surprises – no data. Turns out that that is because the school doesn’t actually have any data, having not decided how to assess yet (yikes!!). And a teaching task. No warning of what it will be, what subject, what year group. Just a ‘Come with me’ walk and dropped into a classroom and told to teach. Some people just took over the already running lesson. I had to take over registration. Children were just sitting looking at me. Children were also WELL below National expectations which just added to the confusion. Quite tough.

No feedback from the job – can ring in a couple of weeks. They obviously have their reasons so it will be interesting to hear.

For now, more time with my family 🙂

Break until next Monday, enjoy this time, and then crack on with looking again.


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