Week 2

A week on…what’s happened? This is the week which I should have had first. A bit more relaxing. Also a birthday weekend!!

My project is well underway – it is basically a piece of fiction. I’ve always wanted to write a book. So that is exactly what I’m doing. Who knows where it will go? The likely hood of it going anywhere are extremely slim so I will obviously be pushing for work elsewhere too. I will call this Project Purple! I have spent a lot of time on this.
I have also tried to push this blog. I don’t know where the blog will end up. Possibly just my own thoughts – but it will be nice to have a record of this time. I keep thinking about how lucky I am. Not many people have this chance to have the time off. Not without having a baby! So I am still trying to appreciate it. (Having said that, if you are reading this I would love it if you could share it with your friends!)

I have had an email inviting me to an interview next week. It is (hopefully!) a two day interview. For a Deputy Headteacher position. If day one goes well, you are invited back for day two. I’m extremely nervous about it. Can’t stop worrying. There is a range of activities including the usual such as school council, learning walk, in-tray task but also something which is a bit unusual to me – I will be observed teaching a lesson. But they will only tell me about it before I do it to see if I can think on my feet!

Saturday was my birthday. It was a great day. However, feels like a waste of a weekend birthday given that I’m not working anyway!! It was an amazing time. Friday we went to Whitby – best town in Britain? Found the place we wanted to live – Sandsend, just about a mile up the coast. A fantastic little village.

On Thursday I got to go, for the first time, to a child’s class – Tumble Tots. It was amazing to be able to see her enjoying it. She ran around, had a great time and I was able to be part of it. This is the exact reason why I have done what I have done!

On Sunday, the wife had to do some work. I walked to the park with my daughter. We spent about an hour out and it was another amazing time.

The thing which is still taking time to hit me, is that I’m not at work! I stood in the garden after doing some gardening last night and realised that my phone was not constantly ‘binging’ and buzzing. There were no emails. No extra work. Nothing more for me to do when I came in than when I went out. I was free of it…or I am for now!

However, what I probably would say is that things feel strange. Amazing most of the time. It’s Monday and I’ve been to the supermarket, I’ve had a walk, I’ve taken some photos, I’ve watched some TV, worked on Project Purple, and am now writing this. This just doesn’t happen. Last week I spent another amazing week with my daughter playing! There is a bit of a panic. Will I be able to make a living? What do I want to do? Am I wasting this time? Should I change direction completely? Will I win the lottery if I buy enough tickets?! Will I get the job next week? Who knows?

The one thing that is clear…I’m still only missing the people and not the actual work! I never want to give up this quality time with my daughter again. Something which I need to remember when I do go back to work. Whatever I do, there needs to be a balance – or I need to keep this balance.
Whatever Next?


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