Whatever Next…

Across the country there are people who feel like they are trapped in a rat run. Across TV there are people who have quit the rat run and moved on. But what is it really like? Away from the glamour of TV and big shifts to a different country, to open a farm. What if one day you just walk away from work…that’s what I did.

Whatever next?

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What’s my story? I am / was a Headteacher. I had worked at a school for almost 14 years. I started there as a brand new teacher. A NQT. Over the years, through various challenges, high points and low points, I was promoted. Three years ago, I found myself as Acting Headteacher and then subsequently Headteacher. My love for school made this a no-brainer. This no-brainer, in hind-sight, was a complete ‘brainer’; just one which I missed. I’ll touch on this later I’m sure.

You may be surprised to hear that this is not writing based on Education. I did not shout any of the above or send letters stating it as I left. One day, I realised that it was becoming more and more of a choice. My familly, or work. Seeing my daughter for a maximum of ten minutes per day was not enough for me. I needed to move. As I said, I hope to remain in education…but I also wanted to see what else was out there. I decided to give myself until September to find it.

This is my account. The account of someone who decided to have a better life. To balance life better. To have quality family time. To, perhaps, have his cake and eat it. After all, I have no idea how this is going to go. It could be the best decision ever…or the worst! We see people on the TV all the time that quit the rat run and do pretty well. But they always seem to have a camera crew with them and you can’t help but think that they have had a bit of help from the film crew. This isn’t about being a teacher and quitting. The job I’ve quit, is perhaps fairly irrelevant.

My plan is to update this, each week – Monday morning – at least.

I’ve quit my job. Whatever next?


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